President Trump Troll™


"Congratulations America! I'm here to make you great again. 

We have a problem in this country. Too many bad desk items. Pencil cups. Cat pictures. Family photos. Actually family photos are good, I like those. Bookshelves are overcrowded with terrible knick-knacks. It's TERRIBLE. The world needs a STRONG icon!

I'm here to fix all of that. I'm here to bring attention to what working people need. They need a better conversation starter. A better memento. A better collectible. I'm here to make everything better. I'm perfect for gifts, the BEST really.

My hair, my hair is SO LUXURIOUS! You can style it to the Left or to the Right. It doesn't matter. Everybody loves me! If someone doesn't love me, I don't care. They're LOSERS.

America, I want to make you great again. Buy me today and show me off to EVERYONE!"

Introducing The President Trump Troll™

He's online. He's in the news. He's on television. The 45th President of the United States is everywhere these days. The product of one of the wildest presidential elections of the past 100 years, President Trump grabs the nation's attention unlike any other. His big personality and audacious style are loved by some and hated by others.

That's why we decided to create the ultimate presidential collectible. A troll for ALL people - The President Trump Troll.  The perfect gift for fans and foes.

Each high quality sculpted troll is 5 inches tall, made from durable PVC and showcased in a colorful display box. Topped with wild hair that you can style, each figure fully captures the most famous details and features of the man himself.

Have fun America and embrace the greatness. Grab one for yourself and a friend today!

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